The Indiana Association of REALTORS® asks you to PLEASE VOTE “YES” on HB 1625.

Workforce development is a critical issue for Indiana. Along with creating and maintaining jobs, it is crucial that Indiana be prepared to house the workforce of the future. The demand for workforce housing is very high and current supply is not meeting that consumer demand.

One of the single greatest contributors to the cost of housing is the cost of regulation. HB 1625 does not pre-empt state or local officials from adopting rules and regulations that impact the cost of housing, it merely asks that such policies be analyzed and the housing impact be disclosed.

HB 1625 authored by Rep. Ed Clere is a top priority for REALTORS® for 2019. Low inventory of workforce housing is a challenge for communities across the state. IAR and other housing advocates have heard from employers, local officials and homebuyers seeking solutions for the low inventory.

This bill would require a review of proposed state and local regulations to identify the possible impact on housing, such as impact fees, that might add cost. It is intended to shed daylight on state and local regulations and inform officials that their policy decisions may impact the cost and availability of housing in their communities.

–state rules would be reviewed
–IHCDA would perform a comprehensive study for the state
–local ordinances would be reviewed for cost impact
–provides “an out” for communities if cost to housing is indeterminate

HB 1625 Bill Summary